San Francisco Bay Area, California


Full Interior Auto Detail Services
A car with a clean, impeccable detailed interior makes a difference, and protects it.

The interior of your car deserves a thorough cleaning and detailing. This thoroughness comes in several levels, and there are special needs such as odor removal and vomit remediation. Please explore the options to see what best satisfies you car as well as your needs and expectations.

A special case are odor and vomit remediation, for which we have a professional process with specialized machines that will remove the odors in depth.

Care and protection of surfaces and leather are also considered to have a distinct focus, care, and protection


  • Clean
  • Shampoo
  • Sanitizing
  • Leather conditioning
  • Surface conditioning
  • Dressing

Mold Remediation
There is a solution for mold in autos.

We are experienced in using special products to effective removal of mildew bacteria.

Mold removal with a posterior application of shampoo effectively kills the bacteria.

Odor Removal
We remove odors and neutralize smoking smelling.

We use a spacial Ozone machine that gets placed inside the vehicle for about 1 hour, after an inside cleaning completion. This machine absorbs odors including the tough to remove smoker's smelling.

Our process removes and neutralizes "Smoking Smelling".

Vomit Remediation
Vomit stains and their odor can be removed.

To remove vomit and its odor we first clean with steam, which kills the bacteria, and then we apply a special shampoo.

Odor removal is part of any vomit accident removal, for which we have a special ozone machine that removes even the toughest and most stubborn smelling from your car.

Pet Hair Removal
Removing hairs from a car interior is difficult, we know how to do it!

Pet hairs get trapped in the fabric of seats and other surfaces, especially soft and cloth ones.

With our vacuuming equipment an other tools we effectively remove those hairs from surfaces and from hard to reach places inside the car.

Vinyl & Leather Treatment
Vinyl and leather surfaces are cleaned, conditioned and protected.

Vinyl and leather surfaces require care or they get damages by normal use, accidental stains, as well as by the sun.

After carefully removing the dust and cleaning the surfaces, shampoo and special conditioners are applied. This treatment not only cleans, but also protects, preventing premature wear.