San Francisco Bay Area, California


Full Exterior Auto Detail Services
We have different detailing packages for all your paint and exterior auto care.

Your car says a lot about you. Keep it clean and spotless with our help. We will hand wash and clay bar your car until it is free of dirt and grime that has accumulated over time.

Our auto detailers can also polish and wax your vehicle to make sure that it is shiny and well-protected until the next time you get your car detailed.

Paint Correction
A 3 step auto detail process that involves buffing, polishing and waxing.

Paint correction offers good results in reverting and protecting your auto paint through a 3 steps process:

Buffing: Basically it removes light swirl marks.

Polish Involves 4 passes of polishing, bringing back the shine into the vehicle's paint. The use of cyclo orbital machines prevents leaving any holograms!

Wax: We use Carnauba wax, paste, sealant and liquid wax.
We decide to use Clove paste when the car is well taken care off, and is kept under a shade.
If the car is usually kept under the sun and is exposed to the elements we use sealant, which provides excellent protection.

Classic Cars
Color sanding, or wet sanding for old paints.

Color Sanding, now better known as Wet Sanding, is used for old single stage paints. That is, the paint and the shine are integrated in one single product.

Classic cars usually have this type of paint.

The original shine is maintained through:
a) Preparing the clearcoat.
b) Three step process of buffering, polish, and wax.

Clay Bar & Wax
Highly recommended for high-end cars, it removes contaminants from the surface of your car's paint.

Clay Bar is and engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car's paint.

Detailing clay gets rid of industrial fallout, as well as of rail dust and brake dust, just to name a few. Clay bar is recommended every three months, as these contaminants pierce paint finishes. The only way to remove these pollutants is with Clay bar.

Carnauba Wax is then added to seal and protect the paint.
In other words, Clay and Wax go and work together.


Scratch Removal
We have packages for light and deep scratches.

We have two auto scratch removal packages, one for lighter scratches and one for deeper scratches.

When scratches are barely in the surface,like swirl marks, they can be removed just by using Clay bar, polishing, and wax.

For deeper scratches that are still on the clear coat, but deeper in, they require buffing before polishing them.

Water Spots & Over Spray Removal
Typical auto paint issues that have an effective detailing solution.

Water spots are very usual, fortunately they are easy to remove by applying the 3 steps of wet sanding.

Over Spray can be removed by a special process. Plastic and trim are not included.

Head Lights Restoration
It restores the lights at a virtually as-new look and performance.

Head lights are professionally restored by wet sanding, buff and polish.

We pay close attention to the process to be applied to every part of the lights.


Professional Engine Steam Cleaning
Degrease, cleans and protects your vehicle's motor.

Our engine cleaning process includes removing grease, cleaning the motor bay and motor using steam and pressurized hot water.

We also do "engine cleans", usually under request of a mechanic, for instance to detect oil leaks.